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since i last wrote we had plans on going to malaysia, but instead we spent 4 more nights in singapore.
we planned on getting our visas sorted the following day after the whole airport fiasco... but instead we slept. when we eventually surfaced we checked out of our hostel and found accommodation for the next 3 nights. we got our visas sorted the following morning, which left us just one night for malaysia... so we decided there wasn't much point.

we had seen all the sights of singapore... so we had 4 nights with no fixed plans at all. just wandering about, chilling, eating and drinking. it's hard work travelling ;)
it also gave us time to get some travel stuff sorted and update our blogs and photos.


one night we took a walk to the raffles area and had such a great dinner. it was next to the fountain of wealth, which is the largest fountain in the world. i've seen it before but unfortunately for paul, it wasn't working. although i don't think he was too bothered.
we had some sort of sushi buffet, but nothing was raw... and hardly much fish. the guy mentioned something about soup so we assumed soup was to start with. in the middle of our table was the hot plate where he dumped this bowl which was split in half... one side with chicken soup, the other with chilli soup. so we filled our soup bowls and started slurping away. half way through our second bowl we realised that the soup was just a stock to dip all the fresh meats and vegetables into. we were wondering why the staff were laughing and looking at us. paul loves his spicy food, but this chilli soup was unbelievably spicy. he was sweating buckets trying to drink it lol.
so they served us all kinds of meat, veggies and chinese type things for us to cook and munch. it was yummy. some weird looking things that i didn't have the guts to try. i've seen pig intestines, stomach and all sorts on menus over here... so i was taking no chances.


the following day we got our visas sorted for vietnam and then walked about the city. we had another sushi buffet for dinner, but this time it was of the normal kind. lots of plates would pass us on the belt with all kinds of sushi. the buffet finished at half 5 so we had just under an hour to eat as much as we could. the empty plates on our table were stacked so high because of the amount of stuff we ate. looking around we were the only table with so many empty plates. again, a very yummy dinner. we then headed to boat quay for a fun drunken night out. talking absolute nonsense and laughing lots.


our last day in singapore was the laziest day i've had since i've been away... and it was great. slightly hungover, we had to pick up our passports from the embassy before 12:00. paul, being the amazing boyfriend that he is... left me sleeping and picked them up. and even better, returned with a mcdonalds.
we basically stayed in our hotel and only saw daylight when we were hungry.


then it was singapore airport, round 2 of trying to get to vietnam... and thankfully it all went well. we are now in ho chi minh, leaving tomorrow to start making our way up north to hanoi. in a few days hopefully, i'll write all about our time in vietnam...

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for a more detailed account of our trip check out paul's blog.

you can also view his photos here.

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picked, compressed and uploaded!

semi-overcast -17 °C

never again will i be 2 months behind in uploading my photos! it has taken me days to do this. from the orphanage to zanzibar, enjoy...


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black and white

rain -17 °C

singapore was never at the top of my list of places to come back to. the only reason for coming here was it saved us a few hundred pounds... rather than flying straight to vietnam. so we thought we might as well spend a few nights here... and i'm soooo glad we did.

we've had a brilliant time here. after 2 months of africa i was in need of a change. we've went from one extreme to the other. it's so modern... more so than what i can remember. or maybe before i didn't appreciate it as much. it's been the little things that i have just loved. like being able to pay with our card and not have to worry about having enough cash with us. getting a good cuppa in a nice cafe. the food. proper roads and paths. no more dusty streets. not worrying about making it alive in a taxi, because here they're marked and you know they're legit. tis the little things.


we were at singapore airport today, mega early to take advantage of the wireless (oh me and paul got laptops... yey!). we were there at around 2ish, with 5 hours to spare before our flight to vietnam. and i'm now writing this to you from singapore still !!
so it turns out that you can get a visa on arrival in vietnam... but before arriving you must contact the embassy and they send you a black and white form which you must present at the airport. black and white form. that's all i heard at the check in desk in singapore. black and white form. i seriously wanted to launch something at him every time he said it.

we lost our flights to vietnam, lost 260 singapore dollars... and had to fork out another 120 singapore dollars to get the same flight on saturday. so we have 4 more nights in singapore. yeah i've loved the place... but the 4 nights that we had was plenty. 8 nights is too much.

tomorrow we're heading straight to the vietnam embassay in singapore, get everything sorted (fingers crossed) so all will be smooth for our flight on saturday. we're hoping to spend a couple of nights in southern malaysia tomorrow. buses to either melaka or johor bahru are fairly easy to get and frequent from singapore. so we just need to decide on where to go.

today really peed me off. i was fuming at the airport. i was so looking forward to vietnam and we have now lost 4 days there. i've chilled out now and picked my dummy up from the floor ! it's the joys of travelling and it's all part of the adventure. these things happen for a reason... maybe we're supposed to see this part of malaysia... or something terrible was going to happen if we had went to vietnam. who knows. but it's no big deal now. we're still going to vietnam (touch wood) and that's the main thing.

we've been assured that we will get some sort of refund from the airline. the amount of cash we have wasted on flights has been unreal. one airline went into liquidation before we had even left scotland. and upon arriving in singapore we got an email from another airline with the same story. we have now lost our flight home from canada. another £650. that's twice now... and both have been with our flights home. i think it's a sign to not come home ?
luckily paul booked it with his amex so we should get it all refunded. again... fingers crossed.

so... in our 4 days here we saw the typical sights such as the esplanade, the merlion fountain, raffles hotel, chinatown, little india and sentosa island.


the esplanade behind the bridge

sentosa island is this small resort island lined with man made beaches and lots of hotels, restaurants, pubs, shops etc. it's more catered for kids though with fun attractions, underwater world, 4d cinemas etc and that's why we decided to go.
we watched a pirate film in 4d and i crapped myself thinking that something was actually going to jump out from the screen and hit me?!? we rode on the chair lift and got soaked as it decided to pee down when we were on it. it was brilliant though, although a bit scary. our highlight was the luge ride though. instead of getting the chair lift back you can ride on these luges (a sort of sled with a steering wheel)... we were flying down, overtaking wee kids, one i "accidentaly" nudged out the way hee hee... it was so much fun.
they say you could spend a whole day there, but then you'd spend an absolute fortune on rides... we'd seen and done most so we left mid afternoon and made our way to chinatown.


getting soaked on the chairlift

we also went on a night safari... yeah i know, after 18 days of african safari's we were in need of another one!! but it was actually really cool to see the animals at night. and we learned more about the animals on a 45 minute tram through the forest than the 18 days spent with our safari tour in africa ?! crazy huh !

on our last night, paul wanted to see the opera, turandot, at the esplanade theatre. i'm not a fan of opera, but then i've never been to one. it was great seeing the performance, the acting side to it and the dances etc... but i really do hate opera music lol. it's the biggest show to date in singapore and paul loved it which was cool.

still in singapore... and who knows what's to come in the next few days. hopefully update you before vietnam. if we ever get there.

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the spice island


our time in zanzibar was brilliant. we had 2 nights in stonetown at this lovely hotel which had a rooftop restaurant. we sat there on our first night watching the sunset, it was beautiful, food was yummy and so peaceful.


the following day we went on a spice tour and got shown all kinds of spices that grow on the island... one of the locals tagged along with our guide and was making all kinds of things for us with coconut leaves. paul was given a tie and a hat... i was given a ring, bracelet, 2 necklaces, a fan, hat and a shopping basket. i was beginning to look like a coconut tree.
we had to guess the spice by smelling the leaves and I was hopeless at it. we saw ginger, pepper, cloves, tumeric, coffee, lemon grass, vanilla, etc growing before it's all dried up and grinded.


that night we were at a restaurant on the beach, having the best meal i've had in 3 months... watching the sunset again... and getting merry on cocktails.


we then headed north to kendwa beach for 4 nights. there's not much there but lots of wooden bungalows along the beach and a few bars and restaurants. beautiful place... white sands, clear blue and turquoise ocean and sun scorching the whole time.


we managed to blow half our zanzibar budget on cocktails one night. so a trip back to stonetown was needed to get to an atm... oooooops !


on our last day at zanzibar i went deep sea diving which was fun. it was always something i wanted to do again since diving in bali.
we had a quick practice at the shore then were on a boat heading to an island about 15 minutes away. we were under water for about 50 minutes at 10 metres. we saw lots of different kinds of fish, plants and coral. was pretty cooel. not as great as the dive in bali but that was probably because it had a shipwreck there.


then it was the ferry to dar es salaam... to spend our last night in africa. sad in a way but after 2 months in africa... i was definitely ready to leave.


we're now in singapore. we arrived here about 4 hours ago... after about 14 hours of flying and 5 hours kicking about at doha airport. we're knackered. so we're just chilling at our hostel tonight, update blogs (and photos hopefully) and then sleeeeeeeep.

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